Keep in mind always that if your goal is to achieve success in life, your desire more firm, your strongest determination, is bankrupt if you have to deal with the shyness. After all this, one of the things that so far has prevented you to affirm your own personality is undoubtedly the fear, and is precisely what you need to dominate.It is very common that our brain is generator of negative thoughts in certain circumstances, now what you should analyze in this or that situation, if the fact in if it is real or imagined, because what will happen precisely this situation that has generated only in your mind, you prepararas for an impending disaster soon to be destroyed, immediately going on the emergence of a State of anguish and general stress, and all as a result of the emergence of these ideas full of negativity, which is only there where there is a real danger.Then learn how to overcome the fear you, boldly facing the situation, you’ll see that the conditions are not as severe or as adverse as they appear, you can warn that resulting to assert greatly exceeds any unpleasant event, overcoming feeling will certainly be rewarding, improving your autoncepto and self-esteem. Keep in mind that as a rule, once you give beginning to the affirmation of your own personality, you will need to maintain that attitude at all times, do you assert, it can result in a reaction loaded with some hostility and resistance toward you, pay attention and not amedrentes you, stay firm and do prevail your ideas.Shyness is not so terrible as it seems, bad would not make the effort to defeat it, as so many adverse situations, they are not important in itself, the question is how we react to them, this is not a minor detail, it depends on how happy and successful succeed to be in life, if we face brave wisely, these moments give us growth and can bring us moments of true happiness. Larry Ellison wanted to know more. Sincerely the best for you. Horacio Eyras. Research on techniques for success. Original author and source of the article.



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