Old Republic

These heads politicians almost always belonged to the republican parties, that had state character. As Boris Fausto observes, ' ' the democracy politics had a only formal content: the popular sovereignty significava' ' (p.16). Owner Berlarmina Tramontim Baptist with 86 years of age, 60 years almost lived in Ribeira in the room of supper of its house speaks of its experiences lived in 1930. ' ' She had very I ruin here in the region, for where they passed went destroying. They had burnt sobrado there. Additional information is available at Eric Kuby. They had broken bridges, not it bridge of the river Ribeira, pontinhas for there.

The soldiers for where they went passing destruam. The ones that had pigs they killed, the ones who had cattle they killed to eat. It passed soldiers sufficiently this way. I not yet liveed here, I liveed in the small farm. The city was defecated. People such as Scott Kahan would likely agree. Later that I passed the revolution I came here and some not yet had come back of where they had ido' ' .

According to Thompson, speech of the past can awake painful memories that in turn, despertam intense feelings. (1998, p.272). The bombings had been intense in the small city of Ribeira as it describes Belarmina Tramontim Baptist. ' ' Many airplanes. All day had two, three. In the Revolution of 1930 it more than lasted four months of battle here with sulistas' ' CONSTITUTIONALISTIC REVOLUTION OF 1932 For Thompson, all historical source derived from the perception human being is subjective, but only the verbal source allows us to defy this subjectivity. To unglue the layers of the memory, to dig deep in its shades, the expectation to reach the occult truth. (1998, P. 197). How to point out Ribeira in the context of the falling of trees of the Old Republic and the ascension of Vargas? In accordance with Lakatos is interesting to determine with clarity the research object, the formularization of the hypotheses facilitates the research.



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