North Sea

Jaimee was grateful to him, and just as he hoped that she would find a definitive answer in the next few days. The next morning, she remembered their first visit to the Castle and asked whether it really was a good idea that calculated here to come. Why only was their nothing better occurred, as in the shadow of their old school and given the golden wedding of their parents want to answer this question? Jaimee shook his head even about themselves as she watched what form today took to the clouds on the tea. After breakfast, she sailed with the bicycle of your bed and breakfast innkeeper the few kilometres on the North Sea. When she arrived, she dropped exhausted themselves in the sand. Behind her, the sheep dutifully cut the dike. The beach was empty Luckily, not even wanted someone the unspeakable tax from her.

That would change quickly if the season started again. Then, she would have to come back with her father. He knew before all the tricks to get free on the beach. Slowly, she came back to breath. The backlash had to create you made.

Strange, no? When you had to go every morning at 7 with the bike to the bus stop, did you like the wind not so much made of, or? “, mocked something in it. However, even replaced them prefer the idea that their condition through the city life had apparently suffered, and looked out on the Wadden Sea. The flood had reinstated. How old was this sea already? What had seen it all? How many ships were sunk and drowned people? How many people had previously confused the sandbanks in the dark with the coast and were miserably come to life? To wander around on your own in the Wadden Sea, could some reckless still not let it, even today and evil were surprised when the water moved faster back up as they thought. How many floods had ravaged the countryside again, before you began the construction of the dike? Well neet wants dieken, mutt de wieken. There had been nothing. Many stories told of sunken places somewhere between the coast and the Islands. How many square meters of land had people wrested back since the sea? When will the sea take around back this country? Lange Jaimee watching water alluring up, and with each wave was the voice in her loud.

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