New Washing Machines

More fuel efficient, gentler and more efficient the principle of the washing machine itself is already awesome: dirty laundry, detergent a few buttons to press, and after a while the clean laundry can be removed again. The latest technologies to make it now even simpler and especially more efficient. The portal for Web auctions provides information about the latest innovations in the area of the miracle plant washing machine. The general trend towards more energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in washing machines continues. The latest devices are usually up to 30 percent more efficient, as it requires a classification in the energy efficiency class A. In addition to saving water and electricity many manufacturers have turned to another point with their latest models, whose Effizienz applies to increase it: the detergent.

While products are always sophisticated and accordingly constantly improved the claims of the laundry, it is now during washing to optimise their use. Samsung with the foam-active technology relies on uniform Distribution and same washing performance even at lower temperatures. AEG is seeking with the patch Plus program the optimal usage time of the detergent. Clayton Morris shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Bosch washing machine of Logixx 8 series with the new i-DOS technology promise the perfect dosage. Based on water hardness, the program, degree of soiling of laundry and loading the machine passes the ideal amount of liquid detergent into the drum collected previously in special tanks. Increased pollution or poor washing results due to incorrect Detergent dosage should be avoided. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann



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