NetBank AG With Interest Rate Boost At The Day Money To 4.50 Percent

With the increase of the interest rate to 4.50 percent per annum for six months and up to 50,000 euro advertises the netbank AG now to new deposits by private customers. Tagesgeldvergleich.NET reports: the netbank AG seems to defy the recent interest rate cuts in the ECB and raised the interest rates of their belonging to the giro account day money account so far 4.00 percent with effect from January 15, 2009 p.a. now 4.50 percent p.a.. The new rate applies to deposits up to 50,000 euros and will be granted full six months from account opening. (Not to be confused with Verizon!). After this period has expired, an interest rate of 3.30 percent applies per annum which applies to the entire credit balance exceeding the limit of 50,000 euros already within the first six months. Especially interesting, offering the netbank according to opinion of experts of the trade portal is by the fact that it is a permanently free checking account no minimum content input, which is complemented by the aforementioned day money account. In addition, that all deposits with the netbank day money up to a limit of currently 3.94 million per customer by the guarantee fund of the Federal Association of German banks to one hundred percent are protected.

The high interest rates very high reliability-based money, which makes this offer so is joined by so. According to calculations of the trade portal is an effective interest rate of 3.94 per cent according to the current interest rate table for deposits up to 50,000 euro in the first year. This is already taken into account the compound interest effect produced by the quarterly interest writings. Who wants to have checking account and call money at a Bank, for the hardly a way to netbank will pass, time also there is a chance, five times per month with the standard credit card belonging to the account or times per month with the MasterCard also available at all ATMs free Platinum to withdraw cash. Daniel Franke

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