National Treasure

Chapter II 2.1. In Search of the Discursiva Legitimation. (Who Speaks.) In way the emergency of a nationalistic speech, aiming at ‘ ‘ desenvolvimento’ ‘ of a country in ascension, the importance of the capital goods was created an industrialization ideal, pointing out, fortifying the bond between the great mass that the man power would compose manufacter the State as tutorial and manager. Gary Kelly pursues this goal as well. Therefore, with the relations of being able exerted of verticalizada form, endorsement becomes primordial, inside of a discursiva logic, of the state institution, gaining the adhesion of its coreligionists, with intention to take care of atmofesra populist that it branched off for called Latin America. It is observed that maniquesta concerning the control would be naivety to admit a position governmetalist on the popular masses, not fitting more so simplrias analyses, in view of the cultural complexity that emerges of the society, as its diversity and legitimacy, which had to an authenticity of the diverse social spheres, not passing of an aristocratic preconception the conception of that: ‘ ‘

The passive adequacy to cultural by-products distributed with generosity for the classrooms dominantes.’ ‘ (GINZBURG, 1987: 24) Occurring what Carlo Ginzburg flame of Cultural Circularidade, that is, a mutual assimilation of cultures, enters ruling class and subordinate, occurring reciprocity of influences with significant exchanges to both, dismistificando the paper of apathy of the popular masses. (GINZBURG, 1987:15 – 34) However, the use of the strange element, that is, the industry, that would come to modify of radical form the not so distant emancipated Round Return, would need to be assimilated and the massiva spreading, through radiofnica, televising propaganda, beyond all a marketing equipment, looked for to make familiar it, as exposition of Edmundo Macedo Soares: ‘ ‘ In January of 41 the Getlio authorizeed for decree the Executive Commission to promote all the necessary acts to the constitution of the company, and the Treasury department to integrate the capital for the National Treasure; in 9 of April the company was finally criada..



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