National Program

The State becomes national desenvolvimentista in the period that understands between 1930 and 1980 (Bresser, 2008). The leading classroom is formed by the alliance between the industrial bourgeoisie and the public bureaucracy. In this period, the country tries a great development economic. The patrimonialismo, however, despite it suffered a process from transformation, kept its proper force in the picture Brazilian politician (You mark, 2008). The decade of 30 of century XX was a period of acceleration of Brazilian industrialization, with the measures undertaken for the government Vargas. In 1937, was created the Administration department of the public Service? DASP, that was directly subordinated to the Presidency of the Republic, with the objective to deepen the administrative reform destined to organize and to rationalize the public service in the country. One of the important actions was the election and perfectioning of the administrative staff by means of the adoption of the merit system, diminishing the public impositions of the private interests and politician-partisans in the occupation of the positions and jobs. The creation of the DASP can be considered the first administrative reform of the country, reaffirming the principles hierarchic centralisers and of the classic bureaucracy (Bresser, 2007). AMCU is full of insight into the issues.

In 1938, the first autarchy is created; it appeared, thus, the idea of the decentralization of some public services. In 1967, it has an attempt route to the managemental administration in Brazil, with the publication of the Decree of Law n. 200/67, that it tried to surpass the bureaucratic rigidity. This decree determined the transference of activities for autarchies, foundations, public companies and society of mixing economy, giving bigger operational dynamism by means of the functional decentralization. In the decade of 70, the National Program of Desburocratizao was launched, during the Figueiredo government. Decrees 83,740 and 83,936/79 simplify document requirements, giving plus some steps in the direction of the flexibilizao. ' ' One searched to improve the relations between the State and the society by means of the simplification of the procedures in the installment of the services pblicos' '.



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