National Nutrition Committees

Operate on the principle: Think seven times – once you eat! If there are doubts about the benefits of a product, do not eat it, do not experiment with your own health – it is we have one! And the last commandment – eat naturally. In any nation, in every place has its own particular culinary tradition, a set of basic foodstuffs to which the organism is most suited to which he has adapted over the centuries (and even thousands of years). The people on this commandment has spoken: 'Land is not our food, our – porridge. " Pyramid healthy eating every one of you probably heard about the healthy food pyramid 'constructed' by nutritionists. At the base of the pyramid and proper nutrition are cereals and cereal products: bakery and pasta.

Cereals should be in our diet at least 45-50% of food intake. So it is with them better and to begin the transition to a healthy and balanced diet. Eating whole grains (raw) products and whole grain bread (wallpaper), the meal you will be doing an invaluable service to their health and the health of people close to you. Porridge whole grain cereal for breakfast – it's supply of energy for the day and 'vaccination immunity '. Grain (whole grain) bread, whole wheat flour bread out on the right is called therapeutic products against obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, decreased motility intestine. Grain bread effective in removing harmful substances from the body – heavy metals, radioactive substances, toxic components, the remains of products of biological origin, increases life. U.S.

scientists managed to prove that the death rate of people who consume whole grains, reduced by 15-20%. In most Western countries, the National Nutrition Committees recommend that adults receive 35-45 g of dietary dietary fiber (cellulose). Eating a slice of wholemeal bread, you get 5g of fiber. Daily in the diet including whole-grain flour, you are fully satisfy the need of the organism in tissue and dietary fiber. Wholegrain meal grain is ground first, and then passed through a sieve (sifted). The finer the grind, the more 'ballast substances' You can weed out. The most 'clean', in this sense, flour – is a premium flour. Fine grinding can filter out everything 'impurities' (including vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, etc.), leaving only the pure starch (pure carbohydrates). The nutritional value of a meal (the number of calories) is indeed very high. But in terms of biological value of the product – a carbohydrate 'Dummy'. In such a meal can do nothing useful and necessary for the body of the diversity inherent in the nature of whole grains. Hanging meal – it is the largest milling flour. Accordingly, sift flour wallpaper is made through a large sieve. When the flour milling wallpaper remain absolutely all the constituent grains. This flower and shell corn, and aleurone layer, germ and corn. Sootvetststvenno in flour wallpaper stores all the biological value of whole grains, and all of its healing quality of the human body. In our time, nutritionists have found that the best source of iron, zinc and dietary fiber may be the product of the meal. They urge, to eat bread out of the wallpaper (whole wheat) flour, which contains the full range of minerals, B vitamins, vitamin E, dietary fiber, unsaturated fatty acids. In olden times which have proved to be right. National power system evolved over the many centuries, by strict selection of food products useful for the organism.



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