National Institute

According to company, beyond the security and of the lack of qualification, many deficient ones do not want job with signed wallet, contrary case; I benefit it will be ceased when passing the data of the employee with deficiency to the MTE. J.D. Peterson may not feel the same. interviewed company has difficulties in contracting deficient physicists to fulfill the law of quotas, for the fact of the wage to be low the deficient ones not to want to lose its benefit. Already she happened of a deficient one of this company to go for the INSS, for removal for sick pay and this fact the INSS to discover that it received I benefit it, then the proper INSS, cut the benefit to it made and to pay it the months that it was receiving. According to MENDONA (2010), the law of quotas was criticized, also how much to the discrimination in what the proper deficiencies are said, when the described ones only are that they can be fulfilled by the law. Beyond the critical ones presented for the vacant reserves adopted for the national legislation, another point was the identification of the main obstacles faced for the companies in what it refers to the fulfilment of the law. MENDONA (2010), Concludes: The previdencirio benefit, currently paid to the deficient ones for the National Institute of Social welfare, finishes being a factor complicated for the companies who want to contract deficient, since when being admitted they lose the benefit of the Social welfare.

' ' The benefit would not need to be suppressed when the deficient one obtained to be recolocado in the work market. Of – ' ' peixe' ' would make possible to the professional with deficiency that acquires conditions of ' ' to learn and pescar' ' with security. It would be, without a doubt, a stimulaton so that the same ones looked to an activity profissional.' ' Proper the deficient ones in give an overcoming example to them.



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