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Travel to Puno by air is the best decision that can be taken. The trip overland is much more complicated to put it in some way. Being located at approximately 3. 825msnm many suffer from altitude sickness, also known as altitude sickness. Once passed through this small single drawback is enjoying the city and what it has to offer. Book your hostel Puno before doing any other activity and get ready to enjoy. The main point of attraction of Puno is no doubt known Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world.

To be a little more exact, it is important to note that the Titicaca is not an exclusivity of Peru, the Lake is located between Bolivia and Peru. The part corresponding to Peru is located in Puno, and is the highest focus of tourist attraction of the city. The Lake Titicaca is formed by small floating islands, most of them inhabited. The Uros Islands are among the most important. There are several travel agencies that offer the service to visit some of the most important islands Lake Titicaca. On some of these islands are also offers lodging to tourists, perhaps not something so comfortable your Puno hostel, but the experience is different. The historic centre of Puno is rather commercial with relation to the rest of the city.

In this area there are a few fun centers such as discos and pubs that are usually packed on weekends. Puno also is known as the folkloric Capital of Peru for the richness of their dances and typical dances. According to the National Institute of culture have been recorded more than 300 dances. These are just some of the reasons to book a Puno hostel and explore the city. The Puno city of Juliaca is the most commercial of the Department. This area is ideal for shopping. Take a good camera and book a Puno hostel. Peru is wonderful, visit him.



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