National Hierarchy

How many wars has the desire for power caused caused? It created the hierarchy of government to improve their quality of life, to establish an order. But once again aroused the greed and human selfishness. His self-destructive nature latent in the human essence, appears every moment, turning every achievement they get into something more for what they fight. Great nations faced by the desire and conquest of power. Millions of deaths for centuries.

At first realized that community would progress better, but when they get some stability, instead of increasing the community, fight against each other to increase destroying his neighbors. If great nations created by the union, how they did not understand that by unit of these same nations would become a great people capable of great things? Unity is strength, that I understood. But they say there is strength not to follow binding and improve, there is strength to destroy each other and the strongest wins. And after that destroyed not assume that they earn. And now they have taken the final step, have been exterminated in a short time there was no trace of human beings on this planet.

It is not who they think won. But of course, those desires were always latent power even at low levels of its existence. The only way forward was not the union, understanding and mutual aid. No, the only way forward was to destroy the other at different stages of their existence and way of life. They also invented the laws for a better living together, happily ever there was one exception among the humans who brought some sanity to their lives.



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