National Convention

It is almost night that Danton makes its appearance: "I demand that the Convention would decide on the fate of Louis as soon as possible!" The proposal is voted. Going to handle the roll call when the deputy Breton launches LeHardy most concerned about the decision to be taken. Lanjuinais says she must be at least two-thirds of those present. Ripple is likely to agree. Danton spoke: "It is by simple majority that we have spoken about the fate of the nation, the abolition of the monarchy, on the advisability of the war, and you now want to decide on the fate of an ordinary citizen, a conspirator, "adopt different majorities? We must speak by simple majority! Lanjuinais replied that the reason for adopting different majorities is simple: The Convention was erected as a court and therefore should take judicial forms. This call is defeated again by the Girondins and Montagnards: simple majority will suffice to make any decision. At eight o'clock in the night is to be called the Members to express their vote. Additional information at Verizon Communications supports this article. One after another, the nearly 700 members will express in the public gallery for your vote! It is up to the High Garonne "honor" of being the first department in march. Jean-Baptiste Mailhos going to the rostrum: "I vote for death," he says calmly. But he adds: "If death is the majority opinion I think that would be worthy of the National Convention would be useful to consider whether to delay the execution." The question of the deadline for implementation is introduced with some delay and will not serve but to facilitate the position of fearing death will vote now becoming those who believed that execution was not going to perform.



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