National Constitution

If we do not rush the time comes to think the country is a crime, and by him in silence mourn the death of our deepest goals. Let us begin by recognizing that we are in a deep crisis and establish concrete alternatives to achieve a diagnosis, and then move on to their action. Should be based on seeds and other foundations. Recognizing the current ashes and taking into account that a planned destruction of the institutions. It violated the moral and ethical values. Many things have changed in the nation, especially the caste dirigenciales.

A little it cares about the exercise of their representativeness, becoming clear that it assumes the defense of the feeling of our nation, leaving helpless youth, destroying its moral force, burying the future. This note can be read and claim to be considered: are their qualifications awarded by the highest moral authority and genuine in the world: the Gospel, the papal encyclicals and the Constitution National. From these sources comes this reflection. And they themselves are derived immutable and eternal principles which must be built on the national foundation. If we do not act in haste, the time will come to think of the country, will be a crime, and is crying in silence the death of our goals. We see the disappearance shocked the nation-state, the leadership continues its effort to continue, and more daring postulated, as if he succeeded in his action to date was the universal panacea. The first principle is the homeland: thus exposing a wise: is it blood or language? No, the blood determines the physical life, the intellectual language, but can live individuals and families of different races and languages, and constitute together the same country.



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