National Congress

Inside of great social movements in health, if detaches the Movement of the Workers in Sade Mental (MTSM), being the movement that starts to carry out and to construct from this period the denunciation of the violence of the lunatic asylums, the mercantilizao of madness and collectively to construct a critical one to the assistance to the people with mental upheavals based in the internment in psychiatric hospitals. Brazil if espelhou in the Italian experience lived deeply years before successfully on its critical one to the lunatic asylum is inspired and starts to appear the possibility of rupture with the old paradigms in the attention to the carriers of mental upheavals, and with this they start to appear the first proposals and action for the reorientation of the assistance in mental health. As the National Congress of (movements of the workers in mental health) the MTSM, carried through in 1987, adopts the motto. For a society without lunatic asylums, it was an important landmark in the defense of the Antimanicomial fight and an impulse for the psychiatric reform, at the time existed innumerable denunciations against the institutions of internment and the reflection on the few results gotten with the abusive and desumanos treatments. In the year of 1989, of the entrance in the National Congress the Project of Law of the member of the house of representatives Thin Pablo, who considers the regulation of the rights of the person with mental upheavals and the gradual extinguishing of the lunatic asylums in Brazil. The objective considered for the Psychiatric Reformation age to transform the assistencial model into mental health and to construct a new social statute for the insane person, of citizen as all the others. What it was considered was not to finish with the clinical treatment of the insanity, but yes to eliminate the practical one of the confinement of the people in lunatic asylums and to eliminate the social and moral exclusion of the individuals acometidos for insanities. .



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