National Basketball Association

Its Vozdushestvu stuknulo 40 years … How can you believe it?? LYRIC Bill Russell at the dawn of the National Basketball Association became famous for its spectacular blocks and the fact that he was able to pick up 51 rebound for a duel. Wilt Chamberlain after the circus came to GLOBETROTTERS in the NBA, where for many years scored more than others, and distribute the once poor KNICKS whole ‘one hundred’. Willis Reed became the first player in League history, proclaimed at the same time All-Star MVP Match, and the season finale. Ferdinand Lyuis Alsindor, known worldwide as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 42, was the main pivot LAKERSA in the NBA such as Mike … not today A? What? Oops …

Ai … What? .. Oops! And, well let’s go! Forgive me, for God’s sake, I hardly strayed from the flown at me fists, cold and hot weapons Kobe fans, VINCANITY and Wade 🙂 Although, in fact, true. And I certainly do not dispute their importance to their teams and greatness, not in this case. Just eat GM.

Jay. And there are others. Here so. They are talented – he’s brilliant. They are popular – it is unforgettable. They are the stars – it is a legend! SO no one else has … STATISTICS CORNER AMATEUR! Michael Jordan played the game for his career in 1072 and they earned 32,267 points (second in the history of League after Karim). Average performance – 30.1 points per game – a record NBA! Flying participated in 14 All-Star Matches, which scored 262 points – a record NBA (average performance – 18.7 points per game). In 158 playoff games earned the 5307 Michael eyes (compare the results. – 33.6 points per game – a record NBA!) 38 times Em.Dzhey. scored per game with 50 points, 5 times reaching or exceeding the mark of 60 points! 14 times in Jordan, selected first-team Association (1985, 1987-1993, 1996-1998)! * 10 times his Vozdushestvo won the debate for the best sniper of the season (1987-1993, 1996-1998)! ‘9 time Mike was selected first team defensive end of the season!

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