National Advice

The Plan of Emergncia Individual (PEI) has as function to guarantee procedures and resources of local reply. If on the other hand many port installations, shipyards, clubs and marinas not yet possess the PEI, on the other hand all platforms of exploration and have them to production, a time that without these documents would not be possible to get the licenses of the IBAMA. The area plans, that would have for function to group the PEI? s of a region, creating a regional structure of reply, also not yet exists. The National Plan of Contingency, that has as function to create a national structure of reply, defining responsibilities and a unified command, follows in quarrel, disabling that Brazil participates of the international plans of emergency. Recently Financial Planning Association FPA sought to clarify these questions. Moreover, special attention must be given to the resolutions of CONAMA (National Advice of Environment) 269/00, that it regulates on the use of chemical dispersantes in oil spills in the sea, and 398/08, that makes use on the minimum content of the Plan of Individual Emergency for incidents of pollution for oil and guides its elaboration. Resolution 269/00 needs to be clearer how much to the criteria of use of dispersantes and of necessity or not of consent of the ambient agency. Already resolution 398/00 presented advances in relation its previous version, resolution CONAMA 293/2001, demanding a mathematical modeling of dispersion of the oil, leaving clearly that all the port terminals from where if they originate and they destine ships must possess a PEI. However, alterations in the legislation that if had shown few conservatives, especially how much to the sizing of the volume of worse case for oil platforms had been made, since resolution 293 demanded that this sizing was made taking itself in uncontrols it to account of the well per 30 days, while the current resolution, 398/08, demands that if it has led in uncontrols it to account of the well per only 4 days.



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