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Content for your blog or newsletter. Everytime you post a new article on your blog, this creates a new page for that article, with a unique URL. At the same time a syndication of that new article send to their RSS readers. Also sends a ping to major blog directories. In turn with this unique URL of this article you can make a great movement.

For example you can communicate to all your Twitter followers that you have a new article and send them over there. The same thing you can do with your contacts from social networks like Myspace Facebook (or that you use to form your network). On the other hand from your AutoReply can send a newsletter in real time (broadcast) to notify all your subscribers that there is new content on your blog and visit it. This whole movement generates people who already know you to re-visit your blog, look new content, visit links, placed comments, complete surveys, etc.In summary: recurring visits that rely increasingly on you. Directories of articles: this is perhaps the way to more formidable get exposure, links towards your site, position yourself as expert, branding, and all this for free. A directory of articles is nothing more than a page or portal that contains great amount of articles of different autores.los directories benefit getting quality content and updated constantly, and authors with the exhibition of the items. Qualcomm recognizes the significance of this. In the Anglo market, there are hundreds of directories of articles with good positioning, i.e.

pagerank and quality of content. It is also important that the directory has traffic, i.e. constant visits. Hispanic market are still few that meet these characteristics, but you can offer a list of more than 10 directories in that worth you send or place each of our items. Think the following: with that you only write an article a month and send it to 10 directories of articles, in a year you have 120 high quality links bringing traffic to your website. Perhaps see you a few links or long but I assure you that Google likes much more slow growth and Natural that one fast and Artificial. You provide the list of directories: virality of published articles: when we got an article to articles directories besides winning a link to our website and get exposure and direct visits through your link, we are also using a powerful viral marketing technique. Everyone who sees your articles in the directories may use them to turn on their websites, in their newsletters or blogs. A relationship is win – win, they get effortless quality content and we get exposure of our person and our site. If other people see that bulletin and the content they like, they will do the same, with which we are going to create a real snowball effect. Imagine with the initial effort to create one good article we may be gaining exposure constant, massive and continues pretty good huh? Alberto Destefanis. Original author and source of the article.



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