The system is operated in the Bosch highly available datacenter and thus contributes to the security of supply of the drivers. Expansion possibilities different charging stations can be integrated as on-demand by Bosch or from other manufacturers. The eMobility Starter package suitable for use in markets in which was already invested in charging stations. The economic alignment in the area of electric mobility consulting packages to business models and opportunities become available. Web portals for drivers of electric vehicles, a Web portal enables drivers of electric vehicles, easy to find installed charging stations and their status.

Thus, a specific route planning with consideration of the battery charging is possible during work or shopping, for example. All information about the load operations prepared in this portal and provided the driver. After one-time registration to which are identified Charging station via a RFID card. The charging stations connect reliably via various Internet technologies (GMS, UMTS, GPRS, LAN) with the headquarters. The operator sees the State of all charging stations, the communication network and server at a glance. Remotely on the charging stations, maintenance tasks are very economically feasible.

Communication is always encrypted, so that an access from outside, for example, on private data of the driver, is excluded. In addition to the eMobility Starter package Bosch developed different types of charging station software innovations for the public and non-public use and with different load capacities. All charging stations are fully networked and very easy and safe to use. Popular partners for building charging infrastructure in addition to the much-acclaimed project to the establishment and operation of the charging infrastructure in the City-State Singapore Bosch is mobile, software innovations in the MeRegio green emotion and German/French Interoperability is active. Also the solutions are subjected to software innovations in several infrastructure projects of world’s toughest tests of Bosch. Contact: Martin Schmid, phone + 49 7545 202-246 the Bosch software innovation GmbH, the software and systems company of the Bosch Group, designs and develops innovative software and system solutions for international customers. For banks, financial institutions and industrial enterprises, Bosch offers specialized products in the areas of compliance, risk management, and CRM software innovations. System solutions range from analysis to implementation and operation of all hardware and software systems in the areas of mobility and energy. We support our customers in the implementation of innovative business models by linking functions, services, and devices on the Internet. The use of leading technology from Bosch software innovation increases efficiency and flexibility of complex applications and provides customers with a sustainable competitive advantage. More information at .

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