Marketing Players

The coach and the example. There is no doubt that the coach especially if you work with the base, usually a mirror in which his players are regarded. It is clear that the technician has to be always a good example in all senses, but even more so in what asked his players to do, if then, is the first that does not, poor reliability is proving to his team to have confidence in him. We have the classic example of the coach who scolds his players so much protest the referee, and wants to avoid that being adversely affected by an excess of reprimands and expulsions. You will have very difficult to achieve its goal, then during the matches is the first that shows aggressive with the collegiate and insults him or towards, so little educated or simply passing nineties minutes protesting without stopping. How a technician may ask tranquility his players when he is the one who most nervous becomes or is the first that any adversity lost papers? It is clear that with this type of behaviors, coach is totally damaging the team that trains, since you are giving them to all its components a deplorable example, clearly improper for someone who has the responsibility to take the reins of a team, and is more serious still, when working with children and young people, the least they need, is that managers has a behavior so far from the demands that an activity of this kind requires. One can understand, when it’s novice coaches and with too much youth, who commit themselves for their lack of shooting errors, but what is unforgivable, is that technicians with many years of experience on the bench, still not have learned to behave properly during a football match.



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