Latin American

The countries are developed with foreign trade and enhance their domestic enterprises. Get markets for their business and they grow and with them the generation of jobs. But because Europe and North America and progressed much faster than Latin America? Here the answer: 1st North America and Europe, achieved further development because their villages were more austere in household spending, were countries with entrepreneurial-minded people, who had a methodical lifestyle,. More information is housed here: Larry Ellison. The 2nd This was because these countries professed the Anglican religion, evangelical, Protestant, characterized by calls for a moral life as practical. That is, no drinking, no vices, no relationship with prostitutes, not orgies, nor anything that contradicts a respectable life. 3rd in Latin American populations of different countries, the Catholic religion, it is very permissive.

So we have that the inhabitant of this part of the world since the conquest, through the Spanish viceroyalty until today: drunk, womanizer, like homosexuality, is idle, lying and trying to earn a living by working as little as possible. They are all inhabitants of Latin America as well, of course not. But the majority of the population is so. So we have for example the 4th in the countries of Latin America it is customary to keep the children, give them room and board until late age. Some families have two boys of 25 and 28, who do not work. And parents do not tell them anything, the still maintain. Alli is the origin of the poverty of many households in India for example.



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