So can prevent downtime by occupational back pain and working effectively guaranteed. But not only in terms of ergonomics Jungmann technology complies with the furniture. Also in terms of functionality, no wishes remain open. So the Stratos elements can be combined as needed, so that, for example, a round, a straight or a U-shaped desk. Here, the intelligent controller design offers enough space invisible to stow many cable or other technology components. Their control room looks with those furniture systems always tidy and professional. If necessary, retractable sockets allow a quick and easy access.

It must never be long after a loading possibility for a cell phone or a laptop will be searched. And after charging the outlet disappears again unobtrusively in the table top. Necessary for the Storage optional different containers can be combined with the StratosCommandDesk. You are flexible with roles as well as to get as an integral part of the desk. In addition, Jungmann system technology is also their professional when it comes to the environment furniture in their control room. The control room professionals also partitions facilities activities include not only meeting tables and cabinets, the range includes large wall tiling image and compartment wardrobes of value of. Pleasant while the quality finish and the many colour combinations stand out.

More than 14 materials such as different types of wood and colours are available for the Stratos series to choose from. Here you will find the right variation for its premises. Interested parties also can imagine the future control room, JST has developed a photorealistic 3D software. This allows a real image of the newly set up a room and is essential for the planning. The information hierarchy and possible seat positions are so advance tested and transferred to the arrangement of the furniture. Then the distance to the large screen and possible viewing angle can be checked in the 3-D perspective drawing it created. So to guarantee that each employee has the necessary view. JST’s claim is not just to meet the technical requirements of a control room, but to create also a perfect ergonomically designed workplace. Because only the symbiosis of modern technology and ergonomic working conditions up to date guarantees maximum effectiveness of the workforce. For more information, see



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