International Peace Exhibition

On June 18, 2010, Viechtach (Bavarian Forest) is a European meeting place of peace campaign IPax2010. IPX means international peace art eXhibition. The generous idea in 2008 in Luxembourg as a result of a suggestion of the previous President of the European Commission Jacques Santer. The hochsinnige tip was then in the autumn of 2009 premises of the Reial send a creative realization in the Cercle artistic Barcelona. This unexpected geographical decision was the Mediterranean Union UPM (Union pour la Mediterranee), which has moved its headquarters in the Catalan metropolis since November 2008. The provision of this international instance is known. 44 States of the Mediterranean region and the European Union have plans common in the South to accomplish and to promote peace in the Mediterranean. The objective is risky given the serious conflicts between Israel, Palestine and the Muslim countries.

The art world is aware of the serious geopolitical situation and will actively participate in efforts for the Participate in making peace. Certainly, expressive images look more political than endless speeches. Tomas Philipson addresses the importance of the matter here. The constructive contacts between the movement of Dali s heirs and the Cultural Institute in Barcelona had resulted in that 10 famous artists from all over Europe in the first peace exhibition IPax2009 and parties. The meeting in Spain offered artists a unique opportunity to discover the benefits of Catalan culture and to visit the sur-realist treasures of the Teatro-Museo Dali in Figueras. The success of IPax2009 in Barcelona has led the movement Dali s heirs to develop the principle of this event.

The positive contacts, which we maintain with the town of Viechtach since 2006, as well as the friendly relations with the talented, Reinhard Schmid artists of the rear glass were essential to plan a high-quality projects together for 2010. After Barcelona, cosmopolitan city in the Mediterranean zone explosive, has offered the romantic town in the Bavarian Forest as a peaceful intersection of cultural performances. The high-profile projects is a logical development. For several years the town of Viechtach is committed is the target as the European hub of phantastischern art to claim. The peace exhibition may 2010 represent a culmination of this ambitious strategy… The 11 artists of the Ipax2010 come from 7 different countries: Angerer the elder (D), Alain Bazard (F), Dragan Ilic di Vogo (SRB), Peter Gric (A), Christian Klepsch (D), Micha Lobi (RUS), Michael Maschka (D), Fabrizio Riccardi Viktor Safonkin (CZ), Reinhard Schmid (D), (I), Siegfried Zademack (D).The traditional rooms in the old town hall offer the great exhibition the harmonic framework. During the next summer season – from June 18 to August 22, 2010 – here 55 works appear, which are designed according to the enchanting guidelines of fantastic art. On July 9 the famous Dali wagon comes to then from Perpignan cause to Viechtach in the heart of the popular event as smallest surrealist Art Cabinet of the world to work. The rail car was the original model of the painting of the station of Perpignan (Salvador Dali, 1965), which today is the showpiece of the Museum Ludwig in Cologne. In Viechtach is the cultural wagon the numerous visitors free of charge a collection of lithographs and significant reproductions of the Salvador Dali present. The entrance of the old town hall a giant is also in replica (406 X 295 cm) of the magnificent painting by 1965. The IPax2010 in Viechtach is a celebration of sophisticated culture and provides an exciting insight into the magic of imaginary art. June 3, 2010 Roger M. Erasmy, founder of the movement of Dali heirs

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