International Olympic Committee

We have repeatedly told in our news about the recent increase in cases of alien contact with representatives of flora and fauna in inappropriate for them to habitats. But in this case, the catch of sea trout in Seine can only rejoice, because This 'fastidious' water quality fish is not 'has registered' would be environmentally troubled river. At Gary Kelly you will find additional information. Hence, Water quality in the main river in Paris is really improving. But the Polish Vistula and the Russian Neva fishermen caught less pleasant catch. Petersburg fisherman right in the heart of the northern capital at the bait caught piranha. What piranha would be able to swim to the Neva River itself – virtually impossible. The most likely her appearance in northern waters is seen in the fact that its just released a lover of exotic fish. Sir Richard Branson may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Likewise it is also clear that the piranha was released in St. Petersburg river in that year, as the harsh winters of the northern capital is unlikely to be this thermophilic fish overwinter in the cold waters of the Neva. A couple of days before a predatory piranha fish was discovered in river Wisa in southern Poland. Beijing Olympics 2008 has started: with the environment is all right on Friday, August 8, 2008, in China's capital was officially launched major sporting event of the year – the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee believes that the authorities of the Chinese capital have kept the promise to improve the ecological situation in the city to the 2008 Olympics.



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