International Nonroutine Products

Are you also looking for the Special? The trend towards purchasing online increased more and more. Just looking for exceptional products, many people in the Internet to look. There, the possibilities are virtually unlimited, and things which is liked abroad, can be ordered with a click. Children’s online magazine is committed to the task, to introduce these shops. This should involve not only to children’s fashion, but recently also to toys, books and accessories. Just all around the child and the family. a new online shop will add, which presents itself as of August 16, 2010 in children’s To Silke Friedrich online kids fashion magazine: “I rejoice very piola to report. Products from South Africa, Italy, France, Holland, India, to see Sri Lanka, etc. in an online shop is a great thing and fits very well into our concept.” The piola holders Pia Kromer and Veriola Kurz, are themselves avid online shoppers and always looking for different articles, the is in design, shape and color different from those on the German market. And like the two, it is certainly many others that get on the Internet on the lookout after the special. Piola offers the possibility, under many international selected products to browse within a shop. PIA Kromer and Veriola Kurz, assure that they want to look to the international markets in the future and locate wonderful lifestyle products. Info and contact:? Online-children’s fashion magazine? Silke Friedrich? Mulheimer way 16? D-56220 Sankt Sebastian Tel: + 49 (0) 1520 3358407



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