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It is a flesh with more Omega 3, with more antioxidanes, and like all It has a very good amount of amino acids and iron that are essential for health. There we are today seeing how we field and all its activities, its people and effort, that special life and identity, how we carry the city and man of the city knows our life campesina stressed Pablo Raty, Chairman of the livestock Cluster of Aysen. Leonardo Chacon is a renowned Chilean chef, who has participated in various television programs and is a member of the prestigious International Association of chefs Les Toques Blanches. Its two gastronomic clinics (even the first gave the inaugural framework) were followed by dozens of people, including the despote of lamb, essential knowledge if you want to taste the deep Patagonia. This region has enormous potential, the animals here have undoubtedly an extraordinary added value, and that should not lose it.

Then the livestock chain, slaughterhouse, and public, consumers and restaurants should not be missed, should be strengthened. And I think that this fair, to some extent, it is achieving, i.e. Click David Fowler for additional related pages. people understand, train on the meat issue, know that has good features. This fair will help a lot. But it is a long road, it is a hard road was its analysis. Thus, nature with environmental quality of exception, clean waters, natural grasslands are the ingredients of the dish that this territory offers to the world: a unique experience, mixed with history and tradition livestock. Where are all processes registered, certified and with designation of origin.

Assessment that the journalist of the magazine delights, Patricio Rojas shares: put in value in value Chilean gastronomic culture, and in this case in particular the culture of meat of Aysen, is one of the ingredients that can give you more thickness to current tourist offer. And that is the great value that has an activity like this. And tops: in general travelers what interests them is known the origin of things. This is what happens for example with wine, interested people know that wine comes from where. Then when it talks about other products such as meat, people value much the origin of those products, so it is very important to develop this line of work and tourist dissemination. As well, as the organizers of this ExpoGourmand: from the fields of Patagonia, with sustainable farming practices, to open skies and good animal treatment, with the magic of the end of the world and the aysenina tradition, and with a taste and quality unmatched. The meat of Aysen with quality of world-class, within reach of your palate.



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