Infertility Treatments

The men and the women suffer of infertility, that can be caused for several reasons. Nevertheless, it is important for both sexes, are put under the suitable treatment to solve this problem. Several factors well-known and unknown to cause infertility in the men as much as in the women. These include diseases like: Endometriosis, the diminution in the ovarian reserve, Upheavals of the ovulation and the low progesterone. Count of spermatozoa, the espermtica motilidad loss, Diseases of sexual transmission, Injuries or chronic disease, Obstruction and the aging of the spermatozoa are some of the diseases that undergo the men.

Drugs to treat the infertility. Planned and systematic treatment can cure the majority of the mentioned problems of infertility, except the aging and the chronic diseases. Nevertheless, these treatments are very expensive and can have harmful indirect effect. The additional treatment can be necessary to correct the indirect effect. The treatment of FIV or ICSI in the test-tube fertilization or the intracytoplasmic injection of spermatozoa, they are the best methods of treatment of the infertility. In this technique, the ovum outside the uterus, is fertilized by the sperm, and? soon transferred to the interior. This is the indicated one when other techniques do not work. Some alternative techniques with a holistic approach have been made popular to solve the problem of the secondary infertility.

These techniques are the favourites by people because they have less or no indirect effect. The method of acupuncture, for example, mainly acupuncture of the ear or the ear, is very effective when the feminine infertility treats that causes some type of bad operation in the ovary. The hormonal message that is transferred from the brain, is the most beneficial result of this technique. According to the studies, the women who received acupuncture 30 times during a period of 3 months showed excellent results in their fertility, is as much that several were pregnant. The regular consumption of foods that contain caffein like the coffee, the chocolate, the cacao, the green tea, black tea and nonalcoholic drinks, has injurious effects in the treatment against the infertility and they are not recommended. According to a study, half of a cup of coffee in a woman who is trying to be pregnant woman, can diminish niver to them of fertility. Better result for the treatment of the infertility has become by the Chinese medicine with acupuncture and, by all means, a holistic approach. The holistic approach only reaches the depth of the problem and next, realises a physical and emotional delivery, and not only the physical organs, as it makes the medicine western. You wish to be pregnant? You know that actualmentes an effective method exists highly so that you are pregnant woman in 2 months less than? you want to know it?



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