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German StartUp to international success London/Mainz, 16 December 2013 mapp2link continues its success story now also internationally. The renowned London joint venture “Jenson seed ice Fund” invested 150,000 pounds in the eponymous radar app for the world’s largest business network LinkedIn. 2012 Realized a spin-off of match2blue, mapp2link GmbH, a successful Crowdfunding campaign in Germany. The location-based networking app mapp2link allows users an easy find of the LinkedIn contacts in the area and a fast contact through the built-in chat function. Also mapp2link as Konferenzapp has made a name, because built-in hotspot functionality shows existing as well as new contacts for mapp2link users. “The program of an event, including helpful links can be formed also in the app,” says Cora Dharmani, mobile marketing manager the successful app. “mapp2link serves event organizers as intelligent and cost-effective alternative to traditional mobile business apps.” At many events, the app has been already in use and also for the coming year, the Hotspotfunktion by mapp2link on national and international events will make more efficient networking.

With over 200 million registered members in more than 200 countries, the network founded in 2003, is one of the largest social platforms in the world and is considered the most influential network of business relations. The app mapp2link accesses on LinkedIn and builds a bridge from the Internet into the real life with the Smartphone. By the same author: Vislink Technologies. Mapp2link on the needs of LinkedIn members is adapted in terms of privacy and data protection. The app shows only those contacts that are located in the radius of a district or a city to the users, without however announce its exact location through push messages. Due to Intelligent query logic the application is more energy efficient than other apps use the location function, because less than 1% of the battery charge per hour is required, even if the Running the app in the background. mapp2link is now available in the Apple app store for iPhone and Android devices in the Google PlayStation Store. Baby clothes may help you with your research. You will find here printable and fee-free material to the message (logos, screenshots of the app, etc.).

LinkedIn is a registered trademark or a trademark of LinkedIn Corporation and its subsidiaries. Match2blue: Match2blue is a technology company and IT service provider with offices in Mainz, Jena, Slagelse (Denmark) and New York (United States). The company develops customized mobile solutions for smartphones and tablets. The proprietary match2blue technology is able to identify relationships between people, places, interests and texts. match2blue, thus realizing projects for business clients, which are characterized by scalable and location-based information processing in real time. About Jenson seed ice Fund: the ice Jenson seed fund is a joint venture between Jenson solutions and the foresight group.. through foresight group: foresight is a independent private equity investor with its own infrastructure. The investment focus is on non-listed companies in the UK and Europe. Foresight Group offers investors exclusive access to attractive sources of revenue growth opportunities. About Jenson: Since 2001, the partners Jenson solutions support a variety of companies with financial and operational resources to help them grow, to accompany the development and achieve their goals. Jenson provides high quality consulting in the financial sector, including portfolio and interim management, M & A, corporate finance, IFRS accounting or financing small to large companies.

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