Good Structured Deposits

High types of interest if the organizations maintain the one that is known as the battle of pick up of the rents of liabilities, as long as the clients accept the diversification with stock-exchange values if, returns the structured ones but does it betting by the investments in variable rent, a decision that does not favor anything to the economizers. Banking deposits with high yields exist in the market although it is certain that more and more it frequents is the necessity to invest in action. The Banco Santander that initiated a year ago the battle by the pick up to 4% returns to today mark tendencies with one of the best deposits and yields of the market, a on credit fixed 4.5%, with a percentage of the conditional investment to the evolution of Inditex, Telephone BBVA and. Nevertheless, Banco Santander is not the unique organization that bets by the structured deposits, Caixa Nova Galicia contemplates the same alternative and Banesto conditions its deposit to the evolution of Repsol, Telephone and BBVA Is advisable not to let itself dazzle by high yields, the structured deposits contemplate very ample terms what makes diminish not only the yields in the short term, but and what is more important, the liquidity of the domestic economies. CajMar is another one of the organizations that have bet by the commercialization of a structured deposit; a 6.5% to 6 months conditional to the investment of 30% of the capital in values of AEON, Deutsche Telecom, Carrefour and France Telecom, promising a yield of 3.78% if the values undergo ascents during next the 4 years. The deposits structured and guaranteed are a very good alternative of investment whenever its operation is known clearly as well as the knowledge fact that if the evolution of the S-values the hoped one, you could directly have obtained a greater yield acquiring the titles in the markets. Finally as with any modality of banking deposit, the key to accede to the best deposits is in comparing all the supplies, reading the small letter well and to evaluate terms during which it will not be able to have the invested amounts, within the context of its very familiar economy and remembering the acquired obligations of payment. Banking deposits, the best yields of April of 2011 .



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