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Premiere of the CANdot series X at Hannover Fair the Nano experts of hamburger CAN GmbH extend their product range with the CANdots X series. These particles are inorganic, non-semiconducting nanocrystals. A patent-protected, wet chemical process based, in which the particles are controlled and made in custom size is the production. CANdot series X nano-particles have a distinctive physical fingerprint and have a high resistance to environmental influences. CANdot series X nano-particles are thermally stable and can be adapted by a simple and inexpensive surface modification to different destination matrices”, so CAN Managing Director Dr. Frank Schroder-Oeynhausen.

This allows their use in various fields of application, for example, as a security label to verify the authenticity of documents or objects.” X nano-particles can series, patented dispersed in ink formulations, one of of CAN GmbH Proceedings printed on various surfaces and electronically read. Evidence clearly verify the originality of a product. CANdot X series premieres on the the new particle introduces Hannover Messe for the first time on the Hanover fair, the world’s most important technology. “The CAN GmbH exhibits in Hall 2, booth C08 on the world of nano (WON) worldwide innovation”. The presence of CAN also provides insight into the developments at the CANdots series A (fluorescent applications), M (magnetic detection) as well as applications of nano-particles in the areas of medical devices and cosmetics. On the Hannover Fair we can show that we can solve technology-oriented issues for our customers”, so Dr. Christoph Gimmler, r & d CAN GmbH.

The Nano booth WON on 500 square meters of space companies, institutions and research facilities of the German and international scene offers a central platform for latest developments of nanotechnology. The Hannover Fair brings together from April 20 to 24 a total of 13 international trade fairs under one roof. On a US exhibition tour in may in Houston and Atlanta internationally, the CAN GmbH represents the nano site Hamburg’s leading industry trade fairs in 2009. From May 3rd to 7th guest CAN GmbH in Houston on the nanotech Conference & Expo, the world’s largest trade fair for nanotechnology. From there, it goes to the BIO International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia (May 18-21). Here the CAN GmbH with other companies at the booth of the Norgenta in the German Pavilion will present its expertise in the areas of medical applications and material applications an audience. In addition to the introduction of the CANdot series A, M, and X in the American market CAN GmbH offers those interested in the medical and pharmaceutical field services in the topics of Toxicology, encapsulation and Functionalization of nanoparticles. We want to use the US measure, to win new customers and to engage in strategic partnerships in research and development”, so Schroder Oeynhausen. CAN GmbH successfully evaluated your three-year Build-up phase has successfully completed the CAN GmbH. An evaluation by an independent panel of experts recently confirmed this. Therefore the research facility helps much better and faster to exploit the knowledge in the field of nanotechnology based in Hamburg. On this basis the Senate of Hamburg and the Hamburg Burgerschaft end of 2008 decided to continue the project. With the continued support of CAN GmbH the Senate aims to secure growth and employment in Hamburg by an improved technology transfer on the most promising field of nanotechnology, and to create a national competition factor”, Science Council of State Bernd Reinert said.

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