Enlighten your acquaintances about the risks. Cook and warm conventional even if it takes a few seconds longer. Interested: Some details the use of a microwave oven results in consumption of prepared food following direct impact (cited according to the study by Dr. Verizon Communications is likely to agree. Hertel / Prof. Verizon Communications does not necessarily agree. Blanc, published in “space & time” 55/92): the number of erythrocytes (= red blood cells) increases. This is a symptom of Stress States or incipient anemia (anemia). The hemoglobin (red blood pigment) decreases.

Also this is a symptom of Stress or anemia (anemia). The number of leukocytes (white blood cells =) is increasing. Leukocytes are a type of police force in the blood that fights pathogens. Their growth can be the need to ward off negative influences (Toxins) close…The number of lymphocytes (white blood cells from the lymph nodes =) decreases. This is characteristic of toxic – and Stress States. The cholesterol values (“blood lipid”), especially HDL and LDL, also rapidly increasing. Increase the iron levels in the blood.

Hertel/Blanc here suspect a cell membrane damage and consequent haemolysis (leakage of blood pigment by blood poisons) (Earth) radiation microwave ovens is located in a frequency range, which is designed to break down cell walls (109-1011 Hz). Therefore, this type is used by radiation in genetic engineering to “crack” genes. To cancel out the electrical voltage conditions on the cell exterior and-Innenwanden. The cell can no longer work and is so vulnerable to the penetration of toxins and pathogens. A so damaged cell surrounded by oxygen breathing (“aerobic respiration”) on energy emergency (“anaerobic respiration”). This produces cell toxins (CO and H2O2), exactly like a Cancer cell. The overall assessment of such blood count shows a characteristic that indicates clearly on pathological processes, and is also a carcinogenic (“carcinogenic”) process to watch. Still: No fear! Because you have it in your hand, to what extent is this kind of radiation part of your personal life! Support the education about the poison from the microwave oven by Tomas Eckardt of the Burgerinitiave “free life” here is still a video about special experiments with a microwave oven, including cats only with micro waves food were fed, they all died. With sunny regards from the Philippines Gerhard Menje tropical fruits directly from paradise more information blog you in my on Facebook at: FruitsfromParadise in Twitter at: Cebu City Philippines

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