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The company rainwater Norbert Bohm from Feldkirchen-Westerham distributes guidance on planning, quality and installation of a rain water system equipment and accessories to the utilization of rain water. In times of increasing energy prices, increased environmental awareness and given the upcoming privatization of water management in Europe, who allegedly accompanied by going with high price increases, thinking about buying a rain water system may still be worth it. On its Web site Norbert Bohm offers principles of rain water use to download the free guide. The document provides overview and guidance for planning, cost and efficiency, technology, security and legal use of rain water. Basic: rainwater is a diverse raw material.

While it is well known the most garden owners as a free alternative to the irrigation and has always been in tons was collected, there is now also the possibility to use it in your own House. This Norbert Bohm offers a wide range various tanks in, which meet the different needs and purposes. Not a too big even a small cistern are reasonable and most cost-efficient, therefore Mr Bohm performs an individual analysis of the House and the environment together with its customers, to determine the ideal cistern type and size. There are concrete tanks and plastic cisterns which are sunk in the ground. Basically, concrete tanks can store larger volumes and are ideal for large houses, but also for riding stables, or as fire-fighting water tank for small and medium-sized enterprises. Both types of tanks are equipped with pump and filter systems, to get clean water and transport, where it is needed there. In homes it is, to operate those processes with rain water, which have a high water consumption, but not necessarily drinking water to operate is necessary. In particular, the toilets and the washing machine, are along this most make daily water consumption.

They can be easily supplied with rain water and, in the case of the washing machine, even additional positive side effects arise: rain water by nature is practically free of lime and protects so the lines of the machine. So accounts for the use of expensive Decalcifiers or be greatly restricted. “Also less detergent is needed, as a task of washing the softening” of water is that is also, if already soft water “, i.e. a low lime content has. The cistern Mr. Bohm delivered quickly and in many areas in Germany with no shipping, also a crane hire in the price is included in case of concrete cisterns to sink the heavy tanks in a prepared pit. Also rainwater Norbert Bohm offers everything about accessories, what is needed: submersible pumps, filters, small parts etc and can thus guarantee an all-round care for the use of rainwater.

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