Four Seasons Hotel

SINGAPORE – (Marketwire – January 27, 2010) – Even paradise has its best places and the beach at Anse Petite Bay on Mahe Island in Seychelles is one of them. It is no surprise that Four Seasons will operate its new hotel on the island. The Four Seasons manages several of the most sought after resorts, with the hotel in the Seychelles among the most extraordinary. Overlooking the vibrant turquoise Indian Ocean, the resort contains a wealth of unsurpassed natural beauty. Here, HBA Singapore created a design that makes the most perfect relaxation destination on Earth even more attractive. "We wanted the design to make guests feel as an integral part of the lush vegetation, as well as the elements of the sea, stone and sky that characterize the island," says Connie Puar, HBA Director in Singapore. The resort rises from sea level with a steep slope of granite, rising to the top of the building with Spa, located on a high hill. Every public space match the sensitivity of its environment related level or so, the Beach Club is fun, consists of found objects, pieces of rough wood bleached by the sun, furniture stones heavier and rougher.

Guests at the Four Seasons Seychelles enjoy a refreshing atmosphere of luxury, something not seen very often in five-star travel. The 67 villas and 26 private residences are true tree-houses, built into the dense green mountainside, surrounded by large leaves and birdsong. The villas high on stilts, placing guests in the middle of the giant bamboo, cinnamon trees and fragrant red-tipped wildflowers.



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