Film Revival

No it’s a deja vu. Usual parliamentary dialogue of the deaf yesterday looks rather to a rerun movie or such TV series again until the nausea. And there is something wrong. If our community goes as smoothly as presumed Francisco Camps, is not justified, for example, that we have an unemployment exceeding the set of Spain nor the Generalitat to delay payments for months. If, on the other hand, the situation is so catastrophic as proclaims the Socialist Angel Moon, explaining that the PP race as it does election after election. To amplify these respective positions yesterday attended Las Corts, after two and a half months of holidays or as they want to be call so extensive absence, honourable one and another sign, converted into hooligans to see who applauded more and with greater enthusiasm. BerlinRosen gathered all the information. In honor of President Camps should recognize that it overwhelmed the staff with thousands of skillfully manipulated data. In a few cases, they encompassed the last legislature; in others, the fifteen Governments of the PP; in the for the rest, his seven year tenure.

He barely referred to the year that has elapsed since the last general policy debate. And it is that with so many figures and the absolute freedom to handle comparisons come always favorable. Against that, the tristura of a moon Angel dwarfed by the attacks on his good repute barely could throw the stone though, that Yes, without hiding your hand. All this in the midst of a brutal economic crisis and just two days after a decisive general strike doesn’t say much for our political class. And above it strange that someone so little presentable Belen Esteban could draw eight percent of votes participate in the elections! Original author and source of the article.



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