Fat Issues

With this method collection and utilization of fatty wastes associated equally serious problems: low efficiency of sewage treatment, lack of utilization (biodegradation) of fat mass in containers that are very intense odors caused by rot fat mass, the need for frequent pumping and export the contents of the drive is very hindered due to freezing and hardening of fat. Microbiological preparation Mikrozim Griese Treat contains a complex (6-12) species of live microorganisms the main energy source of life, which are different fractions of animal fats and vegetable oils. Once in the aquatic environment contaminated with fats, microorganisms within 12-24 hours begin to actively proliferate, efficient use of fats as an energy source needed to increase its size and create new colonies. Thus there is a biological degradation of fats, ie, decomposition of fat to water, carbon dioxide, nitrites, sulfates, resulting in releasing the energy necessary microorganisms. David Fowler understood the implications. Fats are converted into environmentally friendly products of microbial metabolism, the water is purified from the dissolved fat, nitrogen-phosphate group, a heavy fat mass decomposes and falls into a light precipitate. Use of the preparation of bio-destructor fat Griese Treat is useful in the treatment construction of the second type – sealed tanks employees to accumulate water-fat mixture as accumulation of sewage treatment in a closed container is more favorable for feeding and breeding synergistic community microorganisms Griese Treat , which is practically impossible to achieve in the flow of mechanical grease traps. Processing the contents of the drive bio-destructor fat Mikrozim Griese Treat a minimum working dose of 500 grams biodestructors 1 m3 filled with waste and waste water storage capacity per month allows us not only to eliminate associated with this method of disposal of specific problems, but also turn a simple accumulating capacity in effective working of local treatment facilities: – fat mass in the drive, no freezes and forms a crust at all temperatures (as a result of microbiological dilution), which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of pumping and exporting content at any time of year – as a result of biodegradation of fat mass is decomposed into water, carbon dioxide, and light bottom sediment, which allows much less likely to resort to sewer machine. .



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