Excellence In The Large-format

Dusseldorf with the wide format 6622 offers digital printing system Xerox the vases engineering products GmbH (REE) now a solution for detail, razor-sharp large format prints. The Dusseldorf company is wide format reseller of Xerox and specializes in innovative solutions for all applications to the large document processing, storage and distribution. Anthropologie oftentimes addresses this issue. The Xerox-6622 system designed for construction and development departments in industry, as well as for in-house print shops and print service providers. Integrated workflow processes facilitate storage and duplication.

Industrial companies, utilities or construction companies create their surveying documents, construction plans, drawings, renderings, or graphics often under time pressure, but still need prints in very high quality. The technology of the Xerox 6622 is optimally on printing quality and speed matched these needs. The system combines black and white digital printer, copier and color scanner and prints 22 A1 pages per minute at a resolution of 600 x 1800 dpi. Thus, the Xerox 6622 delivers a contrast – and more output than comparable systems in this performance segment. The integrated scanner delivers a maximum template thickness of 13 mm of color scans at 600 x 600 dpi. The scanning function offers an automatic background balance and removes stains or creases. Thanks to extensive preview options can the quality of scanned template before the output directly in the system mounted 15 “color touch screen are checked.

The intuitive menu structure allows it to work even occasional users productive with the system. Included is the FreeFlowAccxes controller, with the user at the same time print, copy, and use scan-to-file feature can. The technology is easy to integrate into existing workflows. Through the closed loop color calibration also colour plotter of other manufacturers from the network can be controlled. The FreeFlowAccxes Controller optimizes the management of pending print jobs and allows to send an FTP server or a remote network printer scans on a server directory.



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