Embroidery Textile Companies

Bedding today – is not only and not the subject of everyday life as an elegant appearance and amazing art. In particular, if the sheets, pillows, duvet covers and other home textiles are exhibits a historic museum or cultural center. Almost all household interior decorated in Russia, a wide variety of whimsical patterns and lace: Kostroma and Yeletsky, Novgorod and Vyatka, Yaroslavl and Ryazan and other razymi. Whenever Sheryl Sandberg listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Of course, at first glance to understand the intricacies of these is not easy, and all the ornate lace look just beautiful, subtle, and sometimes very stylish. At the same time Specialists, however, can tell a lot about the history of pillowcases or sheets, on which were embroidered lace these: they immediately becomes clear in what region of Russia and in what time period she enjoyed. Very you can tell a lot also about the income of the owner, about his affiliation to any social stratum of the society occupied the position of those times.

Embroidery fabrics and textiles for the home in Russia were known to long since time immemorial. Frequently mentioned in folk tales, 'Pertussis' came into use every day until the beginning of the XIII century. I must say that every single region of the country tried to introduce the art of tailoring and embroidery its own unique elements. History decorations everywhere and a sheet covered with lace ruffles and all kinds has its origins in Russia since the mid XVIII century. What is surprising is how it might seem at first glance, "Feminine" innovation associated with the name of Peter I: it was he who brought the Novodevichy Monastery during his reign of several Flemish nuns who taught the Servants of Russian monasteries the art. C this time, a variety of lace patterns and folk began to weave across Russia.

The flowering of creativity came laced in our country at the end of the XIX century and is now fine handmade lace once again become a great uncommon. Not only rare but also a great value. Many people today painstaking care for frail thin lacy patterns seem excessively troublesome thing. In addition, today there are many other equally interesting ways to decorate the interior or clothing. But today no one can say that lacy linens or clothing with embroidery looks old-fashioned or nestilno.



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