DVD Drives

separate item. If you wish your time that you want to read this article, you can apply for a replication of CD and DVD discs in MediJet. They will advise you and make your copies at its best. . 1) Amount drives. Circulation CD or DVD drive is a factory or record blank discs at duplicator. Factory-produced editions of 500 pieces. Anything less than 500 pieces, written by Duplicator. In the first case – the factory method – serigraphy or screen printing on the other.

About silk-screening, you can read here. We only note that this method is suitable for printing simple images that do not contain smooth color transitions. Likewise, this method can guarantee you a hit of color, the one that you have chosen to pantones line. The method of offset printing. Of offset printing is available here.

This method allows to achieve photo-quality images, that is, is authorized by any transitions and gradations of color. Silk screen printing and offset printing is usually used in circulation drives from 300-500 pieces and more. 3) Record to disk. There are two ways to write to CD or DVD drive. Record on a disk drive, usually you have to do with him in your computer. Firms engaged in printing, doing it on the special equipment – duplicator that has multiple disk drives, and thus in the same time he can write just a few disks. And the second recording method – pressing factory. In this case, the information is applied to the disk drives in the time of production. As such, the record on the disc is not produced. If you are interested in the detailed description of the process of forming disks are looking at Wikipedia article about the CD and DVD discs. From all the above described, we can conclude that the process of copying CD and DVD duplicating the more disks have enough details and nuances in order to appeal to the specialized firm for consultation and order copies. We do not consider here the theme of packaging for CDs, since it is a separate and a big topic. But most often produce discs with packaging. If all you're interested in Ms. Packing for your circulation drives recommend contact MediJet, where you can order a package for the disc, from plain envelopes to clever digi-pack.

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