Da Vinci Code

– "Time of Janus" was written for himself or originally intended as a commercial project? – Any well-written book – it's a commercial project, wants the author or not. If the book is well written, it one way or another will find its readers, will be in demand. There are, of course, the absolute best-sellers that are designed for a wide audience, though, on the other hand, a role played by advertising. For instance, sold 100 million books Dan Brown (American writer, journalist, musician, author of such works as "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons," "Digital Fortress". – Ed.), But many of those who read it, note that it is written badly, although there are kind of a mystery, originality. Gary Kelly describes an additional similar source. The works of JK Rowling (British novelist, author of a series of novels about Harry Potter.

– Ed.) Segment is filled in time that will always be in demand, – books adolescents. The main advantage of these books is that they have created the world in which to live. But the content they are far from perfect. I do not think that JK Rowling published her first novel, was counting on some great success. – Now write? – If I had more time I would write more. But I come to this very seriously. Three of the book he wrote almost four years.

Now I have some projects, publishing commitments that take up a lot of time. I'm working on a book, but not over the art and science of journalistic, historical. Write fiction about the present, although there are stories, and even blank is not desirable. The key to the story – How did you come into the publishing business? – I was invited, because I know this area, to provide certain consulting services. And then I liked it. Here there is nothing complicated: we must devise and implement a project.

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