Czech Republic

Counting all the pros, cons and the cost of expenses an individual comes to the conclusion that in this case it is easier to sell all personal belongings at home and buy all the necessary things when he lives abroad. Option 2. Transportation of household goods in Czech transport company on a truck. We describe the pros and cons: Pros: ease of loading, the machine will be provided to your house value with respect to the option to send the container is 2.500 euros, example, delivery of Moscow (Russia) — Prague (Czech Republic) on delivery and unloading your household items you will need to pay only for services unloading Cons: Customs clearance of your possessions is possible to store a transit transport company and additionally on each route when crossing borders of foreign countries, the safety and integrity of things is not guaranteed (for example, if something of the things damaged, a transport company, of course, blame the customs officials, and the issue remains unresolved). As in the first embodiment advised to insure their personal property.

Load in the car will be rallying in Europe only move heavy trucks and accordingly take only your household goods is not profitable. The transport company has the right to boot the machine and use it to maximum benefit for themselves, time of delivery less certain compared to rail sending, transportation companies that provide this type of service usually found only in major Russian cities with a large volume of goods traffic. Yes the second version looks compared to the first lot attractive, it must be noted on our experience that in any case it is necessary to overwrite the contents of each box and every place with a precise indication, even small things.. .



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