Customer Serviceoriented Communications

Informed not only in the domestic environment the Zieger GmbH factory representatives from Berlin digital media play an increasingly important role. Who wants to deliver superior customer service as a contractor, uses also digital solutions. Digital signage is one of these solutions, which enjoy popularity growing in the field of information technology and customer communication. What benefit the digital door signs, explains Michael Zieger. Digital door signs are usually TFT screens, used in unterschidlichsten environments to represent information, for advertising purposes, or to the entertaining. They can be installed flush into the wall or built and can be used in almost all areas. Modern, elegant design and flexible installation options, digital door signs easily in the existing room design insert themselves and contribute to a harmonious overall picture. Digital signage can be delivered according to the requirements of customers in different sizes be, starting with the 10 “display up to the 40” information board a wide range of needs can be implemented.

In many surgeries, with lawyers but also in the foyer of hotel and Convention Centers are now digital door signs. You help guide visitors, provide information about programs or power spectrum or simply serve the entertainment in waiting times. Also in the Museum and media education, digital door signs have long found catchment and used among other things in museums as an interactive element, so that visitors can experience new sensations and personalise learning. On a smaller level the display serve however as room signs. Conference and Congress centres, new signs have to be made thanks to the digital door signs, not for any event and thanks to digital technology can short-term changes immediately be addressed.

Also in the advertising industry has shown that digital presented offerings on much larger Find resonance as conventionally depicted. In addition, digital advertising signs offer the advantage that mobile content in the form of animations can be made on them. So the customer draws attention in addition. Zieger GmbH in the Berlin area offers comprehensive advice for distributors and consumers of electrical engineering. Michael Zieger gladly informs about the versatility of digital door signs, as well as many other innovations. If he is available at any time.



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