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So, every decent citizen is always before holiday starts asking intimate questions of the two: where to go? and what to save? Of course, you want to save and to the maximum, and the rest, as the maximum. That do? 1) Select the country. We dwell in Sicily, as a visual example. 2) look at sites dedicated to this country, for example, in our case, it may be Your Sicily. And look where the information about how and what you can save on flight, hotel, and if there is, other small items. To deepen your understanding Sheryl Sandberg is the source. 3) Choose a hotel – if you can give up on a bed of roses every day, but want quality, you should see the private mini-hotels on the type of B & B, prices are much lower than in hotels, and prices are no worse, because the owners are very sensitive to their customers, so they tell their friends about their otelchike. 4) Select the flight.

It’s no secret that regular Rates – tremor, and charter-less. Bottom line: look for agency companies that buy and then sell tickets for charter destinations. Or is there another company LOW_COST, in which the service is slightly lower than, for example. Cold food on board instead of hot, but and the price is 2 times lower – compare prices and take what you like the price and quality. 5) And if you lot? For example – 4 or more people.

Then it makes sense instead of the hotel to look for an apartment or villa that who are going. The benefit is obvious – more people, the cheaper you will hire her. And if you do not take home for a week, but let’s say 2, the amount per day will be even less! Plus, this may very well save money on food: instead of expensive restaurants, you can use kitchen in the house and cook meals at home. 6) A trifle, but my grandmother always said, “Kopek hack saves.” So, again the savings. In Sicily, there are some “common” tickets for travel on public transport and at museums and other attractions.

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