CMS Comparison

Strengths and weaknesses of TYPO3, Plone, WordPress, and Joomla! in comparison who today is planning a new Web site or the relaunch of an existing page, CMS (content management system) will have to face sooner or later with the comprehensive topic is. These CMS systems offer simple and above all user friendly ways to update Web content such as images, documents and videos. CMS systems have become indispensable for the rapidly developing field of work in the Web but in the meantime, but the mass of systems to choose from the appropriate CMS, is harder than ever. A professional and individual advice is an important decision-making aid. Solutions that provide many functions, but are so complex that only cumbersome and time consuming to use them, devour needless costs and valuable working time. The result is the crucial question that the user must provide: which is the open source CMS solution best suitable for my needs? The Stuttgart-based Internet Agency visual4 has many years of experience in the field of open source CMS systems and has teamed up with the question after the ideal”solution in busy. In the course of which, visual4 has developed an informative and concise open source CMS comparison. This offers the pros and cons of the most popular open source CMS TYPO3, Plone, WordPress, and Joomla solutions on the basis of a simple matrix a quick and structured overview! and their possible applications..



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