Chronic Fancy

By times we are surprised by the life or we are trados for our feelings. We are led to believe that we have yes a possibility, despite small, but that we have a chance to show to the others, for being who we are truily, without needing to hide no part of our history, or without needing to suffocate our feelings, or the best part of them. Exactly without attractive bigger terms. this is so deep and intense that makes in them to feel that hope if confuses with the rising of a new day, a new morning after a long night Long nights Candy illusion Illusion candy that leaves an Acre flavor in the mouth, a bitter taste and a sensation of frustration and prostrao. But what the fancy of the mistake is the illusion seno. Therefore it is yes an error to believe that it is better to suffocate the love instead of declaring that we love more to each day.

To each different form that we find of looking at with predilection. That it is more easy to say that we are not giving account of the life instead of trying and Despite let us fail (that it is failure, but that it has fight) By times we are led to such mistakes, then, we are judged by these things that we make, these attitudes that we take and these crazy feelings that come and do not leave in them in peace. A compound of pleasure and agony. The others judge in them therefore, but we judge in them, itself proper, for what we consider in them to carry through. for times we commit our injustices, we are severe in trying to give name what the others are not imported. But the least we have that importing in them. why then is fancy? Because we delude in them excessively in the concern with the others and forget that none them, them others, are leaving of side some thing for us, or are hugging or if becoming attached something for our welfare. It is fancy of the mistake to cry and to feel to ache in the soul the prostrao and the frustration one more time to be being who never we would have to be, simply for the fact to look at who does not need to be looked at by us, to help who is self-contained excessively to be helped by us, or to love who rejects our love. Candy illusion, that in them leaves with this flavor bitter taste in the heart makes in them to place this called fancy mistake



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