Carp Fishing

I propose to consider the really basic secrets of success when fishing for carp in cold water. Very major criterion for selecting good weather for going fishing is the stability of weather forecasting and day-zero temperature. Freezing at night is not scary, and operate on a decision about the trip to catch the carp can not. As if it did not look, I must admit, strange, but the chances of catching trophy instance at this time increases many times. So make preparations for such fishing should be carefully, unusual considering the fact that fishing multiply get all the latest in the season.

Considering especially carp fall in the first place to have noticed that the fishing is just a very extreme nature, and the first success in it is the presence of warm, waterproof and windproof clothing. At deciding where to arise in two, without a doubt, the main criteria. If you are familiar with the pond, and you have repeatedly been the owners strongly captured specimens, it is reasonable to test your luck at fishing locations in this summer. Carp are often fed in the same places and the chance of success is very high. If the water does not know, try to throw some gear to show the most incredible deep space, the so-called pits, in Carp are slipping into hibernation. Cracking some amazing tricks, and the choice of gear.

Catching carp fall comes at a time when some water in the reservoir is clear and clean, so snap must be carefully masked. Fishing line to collect the minimum diameter and possibly made of flyuorokarbona, as it barely visible in the water. Be sure to fishing line should always be pinned down. In some where you plan to pursue a carp in a bank, you need to make back the sinker, which will squeeze the main fishing line near the apex rod. If fishing is carried on the opposite shore, it is necessary with a second sliding sinker. Regarding the equipment, it is better to make long cable with a lead core, whose length is about half a meter. Particular attention is given to abide see sharpness of the hooks as the fish are inactive and bites are often very sluggish. Well, it is important secret carp fishing baits are the autumn. Bait in cold water is not mandatory. Carp eat most anything in the autumn and perhaps not moves over the pond. A more important factor for success is undoubtedly much choice baits. We recommend that you perezabrosy every two to three hours with the movement of equipment on the bottom of the reservoir in search of fish. Manufacturers produce boilies bait for carp fishing in the autumn, which are made of fishmeal and seafood. In reality, these baits contain, in fact, the holy percentage of protein, which allows dissimilar result in late autumn. Thrills of baits used sandwiches with stunningly different flavors, as consensus on the preferences of smell is not carp. It must be remembered that the fall fishing carp suggests Use one or two baits. Fisherman's tactics should be based not on attracting fish, and on what bait to throw back in the parking lot of carp.

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