Captain America

I want to share with all my contacts by email and this Internet site, graciously offered me a website to publish my articles the response I got to my article on neo-liberalism, part of my friend, who does not want to mention his name, and will simply call him Juan. Actually I don’t think that this is a kind of secret state, or something of international espionage. I simply think that this is the feeling of many people who assume a somewhat pejorative position, for all what they observe in the world work. In particular, in part, I do not agree with these statements, but I think that my friend has the right to be heard by the people who follow me in reading. For me, this is like a demonstration of sincere friendship on discrepancy. And Juan tells me the following:-the United States, my dear brother is what Rome in the past.

And we already know what was that power at the time. What is now clear, is Roman law, the great Colosseum in the Centre of Rome, unearthed Pompeii and a nostalgic I remember that you leave the brutal treatment that that country gave to the places they conquered into oblivion. The country’s North, Commissioner of the world, does not seem anything like what the hollywoondenses writers seek to foist us with Superman, Captain America, Batman, etc., designed by intelligence services so that its exclusionary ideology penetrates the world without this realize. And the country you entered to steal oil to Iraq, killing men, women, children and elderly people without mercy is to not go very far, and who, mistakenly bombed hospitals and the civilian population. Is the one that has managed to shore up (so not fall precipitously) your outdated capitalist system through a war economy. I.e. sponsoring wars that bring blood, pain and death in where they occur, but that move money, move the economy and this will remain without sinking.



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