Cantonal Court

A minor in the Netherlands – Holland (ie a person under 18 years) has no right to marry without the permission of his (her) parents (Art. 1:35). Moreover, if the parent (s) does not (-are) its consent to the marriage, a minor may instead request a consent to Kantonrechter (Cantonal Court, a special division of the court – Rechtbank) (Section 1:36). Person in custody in the Netherlands – Netherlands in view of his (her) mental illness is allowed to marry only with the consent of Kantonrechter (Section 1:38). If the guardianship over the person has been established by reason of his (her) or racket the presence of his (her) of alcoholism, the marriage for the person must obtain the consent of his guardian. In case of failure a guardian to consent the person under guardianship may submit a request for him (her) consent to Kantonrechter (Article 1:37, paragraph 1 and 2).

Another obstacle to marriage in the Netherlands – Holland is an unacceptable degree of consanguinity between wanting to get married, in ascending or descending order. A similar ban exists in the full respect of marriages between brothers and sisters. An exception is made for the half-brothers and sisters, in these cases, the permit may be issued by the Minister of Justice (Article 1:41, paragraph 1 and 2). The preliminary agreement to marry in the Netherlands – Holland No person shall be compelled to marry or to register in the Netherlands – Holland is a partner of another person, even on the basis of ever signed a preliminary agreement. A simple procedure for termination of the agreement deprives another person to initiate the possibility of prosecuting for registration as a marriage and damage. Deceived party may demand compensation for actual costs incurred and damage (for example, the cost of services and booking restaurants photographer who had to cancel, etc.) only if for a wedding ceremony it was announced officially.



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