Building A Country Brand

Building a brand with strong values is essential when competing in the tough commercial world. In a mostly capitalist world this is something that, like it or not, every country must take as necessary. Therefore, more and more efforts devoted to the creation of a specific symbology to represent what we want to communicate to our country. Many of you may ask, where are the flags or national symbols That is precisely what, in many cases, seeks to prevent because not all flags or symbols are positive for the rest of the world. It aims, through these symbols, evoking what we consider our competitive advantage, ie what makes us different and unique. Among the most repeated values for its effectiveness are in the trust, services, development and so on. However, we can not forget that when you are talking about countries, not products, we must bear in mind that to create a real and solid brand will have to adjust to the real development of the country otherwise it would fall under its own weight. Aaker proposes ten points to be followed by specialists dedicated to the work of building the country as a brand: 1 .- Brand identity: having a brand identity and changed as necessary. 2 .- Value Proposition: understanding the brand-customer relationship. 3 .- Position of brand allows a clear guide for developing the communications plan. 4 .- Implementation: Fulfilling the communications plan to give brilliance and durability of the brand and identity, generating options beyond the advertising. 5 .- Consistency over time: to understand and resist the inclinations of organizations for change of identity, position and execution. 6 .- System marks: to ensure that the brands in the portfolio are consistent and have synergy. 7 .- Leveraging brand: identify and develop series marks each identity and then integrate the resulting brand identities. 8 .- To review the value of the brand from time to time to review the knowledge, perceived quality, brand loyalty and partnerships towards her, taking specific communication objectives. 9 .- Responsibilities of brand have someone in charge of the brand, its identity, position and performance of organizational units, the media and markets. 10 .- Investing in brand: always invest in brands, even when goals are met.



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