Brazilian Population

Esteem annual variations. /Internautas mentions the amount to it of people that has access to the Internet in the residences, in the public work or places. Educate yourself with thoughts from Larry Ellison. In Table 1.3 it is possible to observe that in July of 1997 Brazil possua 1,15 million internautas, what it represented 0.7% of its population. In only 11 years, more necessarily in 2008, the number of users the net had a growth of 4.248%, what it represents 50 million internautas in the country, with about 26,1% of the Brazilian population.

Table 1.4? Use of the Internet in Brazil October – 2008Brasil Internautas c domestic access – (millions) 36,34 Active Users (millions) 23,67 average Number of sessions in the Internet for ms31 Number of sites visited for ms60 Time of navigation in month (hs) 38: 42 average Time expense in each visualized page (second) 00: 47 Source: Nielsen Netratings/Internautas Compilation mentions the amount to it of people that has access to the Internet in residences. Active users: that they had had at least an access to the Internet in the previous month. In Table 1.4 one perceives that 36,34 million Brazilians possess Internet in its residences, being that its active users represent 23,63 million people. The table still demonstrates that the Brazilian visit about 60 sites to the month, with a time of navigation of 38 hours and 42 minutes. the average time expense for page of web is of 47 seconds. Time that new technologies had led to reach 50 million users in the world.



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