Supporters of the two George Bush and Juan Bosch have occupied banks geographical and political opposite in the Caribbean. The Bush have led to the world right while in the White House in 1981-1993 and from 2001 until today. Juan Bosch was the main Caribbean leftist leader after Fidel. In 1963 he became the first Dominican President’s left. He lasted only 7 months in Office (as U.S. supported his overthrow) and then he lost 5 subsequent presidential elections.

However, the two parties which he founded (the PRD and the LDP) are alternated in Government since 1992 and in the elections of may were distributed among them more than 90% of the votes. Leonel Fernandez, who was vice Bosch, has won his third term. Despite the fact that the bushite promote unilateralism and the boshistas have been victims of U.S. military interventionism in his country in 1965, the distances between them have been shortening. Fernandez today pushes the old revolutionaries toward the new liberalism and to sign FTA s with Washington. Author original and source of the article..



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