Believes God

In how many opportunities we want to know that Dios believed on punctual subjects today want to know about marriage based on a family legally United the marriage Word is a compound of latin; Matri mother, Moni monkey, tie in concussion, is a mother, the same tie tie, force that unites a child to his mother, exactly connects to your husband if this concept was well understood, would create less divorces and we would have secured the basis of values that exist in a marriage. Tenneco insists that this is the case. When we speak of bases and values we think: how affect our children so that they grow with a clear family United and happy concept? certainly we are concerned about the issue because Dios believes that what he joined, not what separates man we live in the midst of a very unbalanced society, today the values are lost in the distance, families breaking very easily and we look and look and look only what God wants of my? What can I do? who consult? God makes us reflect on this issue and study or plan intervention attract those marriages and unite our forces to infect others, offer them to form a network of marriages which defends the base of family values in this time so hard that we face on a daily basis that you think, we will have achievements? If you want to know more of the topic, we can discuss it and form the network by mail I invite you to participate and have a say just Maritorena original author and source of the article..



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